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Video and audio production professionals rely on the quality, price and performance of Primera automated duplicators and printers for the production of their content. Primera has been producing Bravo series Disc duplicators, printers and publishers for more than 15 years. Primera’s Bravo SE was named one of Videomaker’s 2006 Best Products of the Year, just one of many awards given to Bravo-Series Disc Publishers over the years since they were first released.

Video and Audio Production professionals appreciate the control of making changes on the fly and the flexibility of being able to quickly generate short runs of event or corporate projects without having to outsource. Videographers can then satisfy most client requests with minimal time or effort.

They’re used for a wide variety of content including:

  • Shorts, industrials and independent films
  • Demos
  • Archiving
  • And much more
Bravo SE-3 Autoprinter

Protect Your Content
With our PT Protect software you can protect your valuable video content from unauthorised copying.

Join the thousands of video and audio production professionals that have already discovered the reliability, performance and value of Primera automated duplicators and printers.

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Here are just a few of the well-known Video and Audio Production Companies that use Primera CD/DVD publishing equipment.

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